Monday, 12 March 2012

1894 Meiji Tokyo quake

The Meiji Tokyo Earthquake June 20, 1894, M 7.0

This earthquake occurred in a location deep under the eastern part of Tokyo, and is thought to have been within the subducted Pacific Plate. Strong ground motion was felt, particularly on the coast of Tokyo Bay. Ground motion corresponding to a seismic intensity of 5 in JMA scale was felt in eastern Tokyo, eastern Kanagawa Prefecture, southeastern Saitama Prefecture, and other locations. In some areas, there was ground motion corresponding to a seismic intensity of 6 in JMA scale (Fig.5-32). There was heavy damage along Tokyo Bay coast in Tokyo and Yokohama, as well as 31 fatalities in total (Fig.5-33). Cracks and liquefaction of the ground occurred throughout the affected areas.

The precision of observation equipment was still not advanced at this time. Therefore, of the earthquakes observed in this area within one year after the main shock, only the one (M 6.7) occurring three and a half months after the main shock is thought to be an aftershock.

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